Client Stories

We work with organisations across industries and customise solutions that focus on learner needs. Our solutions are designed to improve organisational performance.


Business Writing Skills for a BFSI

A leading investment banking organisation required an extended and intensive intervention that would improve the business writing skills of its analysts and managers.

The teams needed to communicate on emails with their clients and counterparts in Europe.

The objective was clear - clarity in writing and concise, correct communication.

This would help in solving issues faster and bring down time lost in communicating the same issue multiple times.

EnglishCoach designed an intervention with four phases, including post training support. One-on-one email coaching checked implementation of skills at work after classroom training.

Email Writing Skills for a Publishing KPO

A leading publishing services company with clients in the UK needed an email writing program for its editorial team.

The team’s needs included writing to authors, editors, typesetters etc. as part of their roles; managing author’s expectations and build rapport with them while communicating on email; troubleshoot issues in production with internal and external teams.

The problem statement was defined as improving the team’s awareness of English grammar, improving clarity and tone in email, and bringing down miscommunications.

Close to 90 per cent of the participants said that the objectives of the program was clear and the method of presentation was engaging.

Language Assessment for a Pharmaceutical Company

A leading American pharmaceutical company required an assessment to check and validate the language skills of contract employees with regard to their proficiency in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Three assessors were assigned to evaluate 446 employees to test and grade them in language skills. The face-to- face assessment was conducted over eight days.

The assessment composed of a spoken test for all employees and a written test for those with proficiency in writing.

Computer skills were also tested during the spoken test to evaluate familiarity with basic functions like scrolling, closing, opening etc.

Scorecards were used to capture the results of the test and a report was shared with stakeholders.

Spoken English Skills for a Food and Agro Shipping MNC

In a leading food and agro shipping company, participants speak to clients and counterparts across the globe.

The priority for the organisation was to train employees to communicate correctly and accurately in spoken English.

The team needed a continuous, activity-based approach to spoken English skills, where participants are given the opportunity to build fluency in English. The goal was to drive the importance of speaking English confidently while supporting participants in the learning journey.

The expectation was that participants are motivated and encouraged to speak in English, practice speaking in a safe space, receive feedback and build fluency and accuracy.

Scorecards were used to capture the results of the test and a report was shared with stakeholders.

Language Enhancement for a UK-Based Legal & Risk Management Organisation

A leading UK-based legal and risk management organisation with stakeholders in the UK needed a language enhancement program for its editorial team.

The team communicates over calls, video conference and email with clients, colleagues and managers from India and the UK.

The team’s needs included improving their English grammar skills and bringing down grammatical errors in written and verbal communication. They also need to communicate with error free sentences and be more confident.

The problem statement was defined as eliminating regionalism and Indianisms in the team’s spoken and written English. And, most importantly, build awareness and competency in the high standard of British business English.

Email Writing for Professionals for an International Shipping MNC

A leading International shipping company with a global presence needed an email writing program for various teams. These teams write to clients and counterparts across the globe.

The team needed to communicate effectively over email and demonstrate professionalism and write in a business-friendly style.

There was a need for the target audience to reduce grammatical errors and communicate effectively over email while bringing down miscommunications. They also needed to build rapport and negotiate over email.

The expectations included application of the best practices when writing emails to external audiences.