Frequently Asked Questions

1Is personalised coaching provided by you?
Yes, we provide personalised coaching for corporate clients.
2Apart from corporate clients, do you coach individuals too?
Yes, individuals who are looking to improve their Language as well as non-verbal skills can approach us.
3If yes, what is the method adopted?
Please write to us, and we will outline the process.
4Do you also have online coaching options?
Depending on the learner’s needs and availability online coaching can be made available.
5Which program will help the team create a good impression with the client?
For verbal communication, we have a range of programs that have been designed to help your team confidently present themselves on the telephone, in video conferences and while making presentations to clients.
6Can you help reduce the time taken to write emails?
Professional Email Writing, a written communication program, will help teams write emails with clarity while addressing the issue being discussed, thereby reducing time spent in re-reading and correction.
7Is it possible to make my emails interesting to read and ensure that I get a response from customers?
Apart from grammar and structure in an email, it is important to set a professional tone, which is one of the core topics covered in the program Professional Email Writing.
8Can you provide training for senior executives who are moving to the next level professionally?
The High Flyer program for senior executives ensures that they confidently make the transition to the next level professionally. Write to us to check what makes up the High Flyer program.
9Is there a questionnaire to assess a person’s Language abilities before deciding on the program?
Assessments of the written and spoken skills of the team prior to training ensures that the specific learning needs are identified and the content of the program is designed accordingly.
10Where is EnglishCoach located?
EnglishCoach is currently located in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, and our training programs are conducted in companies across India. Our CELTA certified trainers can train all over the world.
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

George Bernard Shaw

1856 - 1950