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Write Like a Pro

Whether it is an email or report, your team’s business writing skills need to be honed to ensure there are no miscommunications. Write like a Pro, our range of written communication programs, help teams structure content keeping the reader’s needs in mind.

We work on enhancing the readability and comprehensibility of your team’s written documents and help them develop a professional tone and style.

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Power Writing for Senior Professionals

This program is about how you communicate with others. A one-on-one coaching program takes stock of your goals, and we work together towards achieving them.

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Business English for Young Professionals

This course helps you brush up your grammar, punctuation and writing style to make your writing clear and succinct.

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Professional Email Writing

This course helps you to plan your writing, perfect your grammar, and assess your style and tone to write professionally.

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Impactful Report Writing

This one day course helps you plan, structure and write reports by taking you through practical exercises and discussions.

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Writing Winning Proposals

This course helps you write proposals that gets the readerʼs attention and sets him thinking on what you are proposing.

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Speak with Élan

It is important for your team to communicate your business goals in clear, coherent language that is impactful. Body language also plays a crucial role in getting the message across correctly.

Speak with Élan, our range of verbal communication programs, help teams conduct successful meetings, powerful negotiations and effective telephone and video calls. EnglishCoach makes everyday business conversations for your team impactful.

Explore the range of programs below.


Present with Confidence

This workshop will help you plan, prepare, practice and deliver presentations with greater confidence and control.

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Business Etiquette

As a professional, you come across many tricky situations that can change a relationship. When you are prepared, you handle it with élan.

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Effective Business Meetings

Most meetings end with no action plans. This course will help you make your meetings effective and can be customised for tele meetings too.

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Influencing Skills for Mid Level Management

You need to influence your team and persuade them. This course will help you approach every communication as one that is result oriented.

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Feedback for Better Performance

This one day course is important to achieve a successful working relationship with your team members.

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