Six Steps To Effective Report Writing

Improve your fundamentals in English and write well structured reports with this six step process.

Six Steps to Effective Report Writing will help perfect your team’s writing skills, making them efficient at creating reports.

This step focuses on the essentials of English grammar

The program has been designed with your needs in mind, and aims to strengthen one’s fundamentals in English while providing ample practice in developing well-structured reports. This program takes participants through a step-by-step process of writing good reports at work.

The program is customised to meet your business needs. As the name suggests, it has a six step structure that helps logically build report writing skills. Each step has been specifically designed to take the participant through various concepts in grammar, writing skills and structures in report writing.

Program Structure

The program begins with a Pre Training Assessment to identify the participants’ proficiency in English and report writing skills. This online assessment helps customise the intervention based on the proficiency level of the participants.

The final step provides scenario-based report writing practice to participants

Classroom training is scheduled for 30 hours, and it is delivered over four weeks to ensure participants are not away from work for long periods of time.

Upon completion of classroom training, participants will receive post training support. In this phase of the program, participants send real-time reports to assigned facilitators. These reports are corrected, evaluated and feedback is shared with each participant.

Learning improvement is measured with a Post Training Assessment on the same lines as the Pre Training Assessment. At the end of the program, stakeholders will receive detailed report cards that will capture the learning for each participant.

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