Maximising Your Time and Skills through Microlearning Workshops

Training experts over the years have identified that bite-size learning techniques promote effective and efficient knowledge transfer with increased learner engagement.

Microlearning workshops make it easier for professionals to acquire new knowledge and apply it to their everyday practices at work. These workshops are designed to be brief, engaging, and practical, offering a wealth of information in a short period.

Microlearning can be delivered in the form of an online Instructor-Led workshop for several employees across teams in a matter of a few hours or it could take the form of a 90-second video that does a quick deep-dive into an essential skill that employees need for workplace excellence. Its format depends on the topic and the audience’s learnability.

One of the top benefits of microlearning is that it’s focused on building – within a specific period – one or a couple of important skills that the learner might need in the immediate future.

Here are some benefits:


Microlearning workshops are typically shorter than traditional courses, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. At EnglishCoach, we find that our learners receive a lot of value from our online workshops which could be anywhere between one and three hours long.

The sweet spot, we’ve found, is 90 minutes. Employees are able to disengage from ongoing tasks with lesser hesitation and more success for 90-minute microlearning workshops. From the learning perspective, 90 minutes is sufficient time to introduce a topic, understand its benefits, identify its application and receive some practice too.


These workshops are often designed to focus on specific skills or concepts, making them more targeted than broad courses. This means employees can choose to attend only workshops that align with their career goals and personal development needs.

For instance, EnglishCoach offers 90-minute power-packed microlearning modules on topics that are business-aligned, for example, Effective Presentation Skills, Email Writing Essentials, Building Trust and Rapport, Communicating with a Customer Service Mindset, and Business English Essentials to name a few.


Microlearning workshops are often more affordable than traditional training courses. This is because they are shorter in duration and focused on specific skills, reducing the overall cost of the delivery. Moreover, employees can choose to attend workshops on an as-needed basis, allowing stakeholders to budget for interventions that need time, such as building Spoken and Written Business English Skills.


Microlearning workshops can be attended online, allowing employees to learn at their own pace. In a hybrid work structure, this eliminates the need for travel and accommodation expenses, making it a convenient, accessible and flexible option for professionals to keep learning an ongoing activity.


Lastly, these workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive, making them more effective than passive learning methods, such as videos, emailers or self-paced modules. Employees can participate in discussions, role-plays, and scenarios that simulate the workplace, allowing them to practice and apply their new skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Case Example: Microlearning Workshop on ‘Building Empathy through Listening’

We recently delivered a microlearning workshop on ‘Building Empathy through Listening’ for a leading international infrastructure company. The workshop was for 90 minutes and the target audience was middle management professionals.

What we did:

1. The workshop focussed on making participants aware of the behaviours to practice to show empathy towards colleagues and become better listeners.

2. Since microlearning sessions are short, it’s important to give an opportunity to participants to practice their skills otherwise the session becomes a lecture. So, we used case studies to enable participants to discuss their experiences and plan how to do it right the next time.

3. We also used storytelling to keep the session engaging as stories are a great way for participants to feel motivated and recall is much higher with stories than lectures.

4. To sum up the learning of the workshop, we played a video to address different learning styles and reinforce the takeaways.

EnglishCoach’s Business English and Business Communication microlearning modules are delivered online via a Learning Management System (LMS): All modules have a blended approach with live classrooms, self-paced learning, peer review and discussion forums. For a detailed list of our microlearning workshops, get in touch with our team. Call +91 97394 79569 or email

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