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We work with organisations to help teams improve their business communication skills.

How We Work with You

At EnglishCoach, we work with you to align learning to your business needs. Our business communication programs are designed to improve your team’s performance and increase your organisation’s business impact. We analyse your training needs and assess participants’ language proficiency to design training.

The program is customised to make learning relevant and a blended learning methodology ensures participants are always engaged. Participants are supported after training with online practice, on-the-job coaching and revision modules. We measure training effectiveness so that you know the return on investment.


Classroom Training

Instructor-led training gives teams the opportunity to learn in a dynamic environment and interact with a certified trainer. A hands-on approach that includes customised course content ensures learning is personalised, feedback is immediate and peer engagement is high.


Custom Courses

Your teams need courses that are tailor-made to their learning needs and are delivered on-the-go. Custom courses ensure content is relevant to your business and learning outcomes are high.

We work with you to map learner needs and organisational expectations to design interactive and immersive learning experiences that can be delivered across platforms, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Custom courses

Assess Your
Communication Skills

EnglishCoach provides a range of written and spoken skills assessments for organisations that want to evaluate the communication skills of potential employees or employees going in for a role change.

We also assess training needs and provide customised reports. An assessment before you make a decision in any of these critical areas can help eliminate mistakes that often prove costly.


Our Clients

  • Usha Santharaj, Learning & Development,
    We received positive reviews and good feedback about the Speak Better Write Better program. This program has helped our associates gain tremendous confidence in their writing and presentation skills. Thank you Madhulika and team for your extended support and cooperating with us during this program.
    Usha Santharaj, Learning & Development,
  • Baskaran Moorthi, Manager, Human Resources
    Sharmila’s approach has always been to ensure that training is aligned to business goals. An important factor is the post training support that ensures trainees use the skills they are taught. As an ROI professional, she also measures the effectiveness of programs, making it a worthwhile investment for the organization.
    Baskaran Moorthi, Manager, Human Resources
    Reed Elsevier India Pvt Ltd
  • Dipti Ramesh, Principal Coordinator – Outreach & Partnerships
    The Outreach and Partnerships team found Madhulika responsive, knowledgeable in the subject matter and very likeable. Each of them has noted action points from the session and will begin implementing them in their day-to- day communication. I thought the email writing session and tips on body language were the most useful.
  • Swaroopa Shinde, Senior Manager, Learning & Development
    EnglishCoach is an efficient and excellent partner for your learning needs. They conduct a rigorous analysis of your training requirements, suggest the correct training program, customize it and deliver excellence through the best of trainers. EnglishCoach provides a development journey for your team, rather than a one-time intervention.
  • Akshaya Shetty, Human Resources Manager
    The program, ‘Basic Communication Skills Training’, was tailored to our company’s requirements and a workbook was developed and well-structured by EnglishCoach. The sessions gave participants insight on verbal, non-verbal and email communication. Jayanti is a very pleasant, qualified trainer and participants had an incredible time interacting with her.
  • Mrs. Ranganayaki, Manager Operations
    We worked with Sharmila to improve the professional email writing skills of our project managers. I was thrilled to see the improvement and the tactful way in which Sharmila handled the sessions. It was beyond my expectations in terms of reducing customer feedback about communication and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.
    Mrs. Ranganayaki, Manager Operations
    Scientific Publishing Services

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